Meet Ricky Allen

Ricky is an internationally renowned trainer who lectures to doctors, nurses and beauty therapists. She is an internationally accredited paramedical aesthetics trainer, health psychologist, nurse practitioner and beauty therapist. She is also a consultant in health and beauty to the media and most recently was the Vogue Australia Cosmetic Enhancement and Anti-Aging Editor and Special Beauty Projects Editor.

Ricky has worked with many dermatologists and plastic surgeons and is also a consultant to cosmetic houses in the USA and Australia. She holds a Health Science Degree, a nursing diploma, a Bachelor of Arts/Science (Psychology), a Certificate in Cosmetology (Aesthetics), a diploma in Marketing and PR, an a Diploma in Health Management and a number of other post-graduate beauty qualifications from the USA. including Camouflage and Advanced Peeling.


“I have known and worked with Ricky Allen for nearly 20 years.

Ricky impresses me with her knowledge and depth of understanding of our industry – she “gets” it- which is a very rare quality.

This is a winning combination together with her honesty, integrity and multitude of great contacts.

I cannot recommend Ricky’s services highly enough- I have been helped enormously both personally and business-wise through my association with Ricky.

Warwick Nettle
MBBS FRACS , Plastic Surgeon
Silkwood Medical

“I have known Ricky Allen for over 20 years and her vast experience is immense and complements her excellent nature as an educator for post graduate students.

Ricky is a highly trained and experienced psychologist who understands today’s patient’s aesthetic demands and aids colleagues like myself in improving the care of my patients.

Ricky is one of Australia’s expert media advisors in cosmetic surgery and runs highly reputable courses for registered nurses, surgeons and dentists’ with a specific interest in cosmetic enhancement. Her courses set a new standard of care in today’s cosmetic surgery.”

Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian, Prosthodontics and Implant SurgeryB.D.S. (Hons.) Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants)
Uni. Syd. M.Clin. Dent (Pros) 
King’s College Uni. London FRACDS

“Ricky has unique knowledge and experience in the cosmetic surgery industry and was very highly regarded and trusted by all of my patients. Her input regarding Marketing/Business management and patient care was invaluable.

Dr Robert Boyle, Plastic Surgeon

Over my years in the beauty industry I have come across many professionals who have studied with Ricky Allen. Her courses have provided academic background and given credibility and authority to those who have successfully completed the course.
I highly recommend Ricky as an expert educator. Her in-depth industry expertise and medical training make her the go-to expert for the Paramedical industry.

Rosi Fernandez
Managing Director
La Prairie Group Australia Pty Ltd

“Finding great Medi Spa therapists with a wealth of experience is difficult, and even then, there may be gaps in their knowledge, or the may have learned some non-medically based ‘truths’ along the way. Sending our therapists to these courses has given them a solid, consistent knowledge base to work from.

Ricky’s courses give therapists confidence that they are giving sound advice when doing paramedical and advanced skin treatments. This knowledge picks up where the local training schools have left off and focuses on the actual anatomy of specific conditions, importance of record keeping and legal and insurance requirements surrounding advanced treatments. Welcomely, the importance of touch as part of paramedical aesthetic treatment is given the emphasis it deserves.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering going into the paramedical aesthetic field or doing advanced skin treatments. Knowledge from a non-supplier based perspective is crucial for both safety concerns and keeping yourself relevant in this continually evolving industry.

Kerree Kerr
Self Centred Medi Spa

“I have consulted Ricky every time I have been concerned about some part of my body and facial appearance I was not happy with. Her advice has been absolutely invaluable. Even though she finished working in California many years ago, I have kept up my relationship with her as I have found no one here who was able to give me the same high level of advice and support. I have suggested many of my friends get her advice and they have all been as happy as myself. Therefore I am very happy to recommend Ricky for her huge knowledge base in aesthetics, her professionalism and her very caring manner.”

Anonymous patient

California USA.